Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall In Love With ... Cinnamon

Cinnamon butter cream is hands down my favorite icing.  It might just be my regular, old butter cream with a few teaspoons of cinnamon mixed in but I have to say it tastes like heaven.  Especially on an apple cupcake.  And I might have to say my friends and clients tend to agree.

But did you know just how very good cinnamon is for you?  Cinnamon is said to be very helpful in controlling blood sugar and is useful in fighting bacteria and fungi.

But my very favorite thing about cinnamon is how it just might make you smarter!  A study at Ohio Northern University found that students scored better on performance tests after smelling or tasting cinnamon.  The students who smelled cinnamon or chewed cinnamon chewing gum had the best memories, most focused attention and the fastest reflexes.

Cinnamon isn't just great atop my apple cupcake.  It is just perfect sprinkled on oatmeal for breakfast, with your afternoon apple pie, or in your stew for dinner.

For more information on the potential health benefits of cinnamon, check out this article from The World's Healthiest Foods.

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