Monday, November 21, 2011

Be Inspired By .... A Friend's Odd Food Choices

I was on the phone with a friend one night and I asked them what kind of cupcake they would like me to make for them when my shop opened.  In jest, I was told "Thai chili and strawberry".  Huh?  "Well, those are my favorite flavors!", was the reply.  And while they were joking, I found a huge source of inspiration in their favorite foods and I thought to myself that I should try to make that work.

And I did!

So, I decided to keep going with this source of inspiration.  I posted on Facebook one day, "Please tell me your three favorite foods".  (I gave some guidelines but I am going to keep those secret!)  I was amazed by the wonderful ideas I got from those responses and I now have a list of 35 ideas for cake and icing flavors and combos.

The one I really can't wait to try?  Curry, banana and pretzels!

Stay tuned over the next few months to be inspired by some of the combos and try some of the recipes.  Or go ask your best friend her three favorite foods and make them into a sweet treat for her.

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