Monday, November 7, 2011

Learn How To... Make Baseballs

A few months ago a client asked for a cake for her grandfather's birthday.  The party was a vintage Yankee theme.  We decided on a cake resembling Yankee pinstripes with the focus being on a group of edible vintage baseballs.  I absolutely loved how they came out and was thrilled to hear there was an actual discussion about if they were real or not!  (I love when that happens!)

So here is how I made them!

Find yourself a real baseball to use as a model.

Make a batch of rice cereal treats and shape them into balls the size of the real baseball.  Allow them to cool and harden.

Cover each cereal ball with white gum paste.  You will have a seam at the bottom where you pull the sides together, but that is fine since the balls need to sit on something.

Trace the shape of the stitching on the baseball onto a piece of paper and cut out.

Trace the cut out pattern onto the gum paste covered ball using a blade then use a toothpick to mark the holes for the stitching.

 Use red royal icing to pipe the stitching on to the balls using the pattern on the real baseball.  Allow the icing to dry then dust each baseball with cocoa powder for that "dirty" look.

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