Thursday, December 8, 2011

Be Inspired By ... Empty Breakfast Plates

My husband has taken a liking to making breakfast on the weekends.  As if he is an Iron Chef.  No Rice Krispies for his kids when they can have scrambled eggs with chive clippings and creme freche!

The other morning he made a breakfast that had me licking the plate and wondering out loud how the breakfast might be in a cupcake.  He made simple vanilla pancakes with a side of sauteed pears with thyme and a side of sweet potato butter.

I translated that little plate of heaven into a fabulous cupcake for Thanksgiving.... sweet potato cupcakes with thyme syrup and pear buttercream.

What did you have for breakfast today?


  1. eggs and bacon! I like a protein heavy breakfast...but the pancakes and pears sounds yummy!

  2. My all time favorite is the french toast cupcake with a bit of bacon on top! But this was pretty good too!