Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Be Inspired By ... Pillows from Anthro

This is the very first cake I was inspired to make.  Before this they were all copies.  Mostly of those patterned and pearl cakes a la "Cakes by Earlene" that were so very popular in the early 90s.   I can't say I ever loved a single one of those replicas I did.  Probably because they were't my own.  They were me trying to be someone else.

Then one day I got a catalog.  I am pretty sure it was from Anthropologie.  And in the catalog was a stack of embroidered pillows.  And I was in love.  The colors and the textures were just beautiful to me.  And I had to make them my own.  So I did.  As a cake.

I had never embroidered a cake before but I just followed my heart and my inspiration and things just flowed.  And even today this is my very favorite cake.  Because I took an inspiration and made it my own.

What inspired you today?  That new flavor of coffee you had?  A song you heard? The handbag of the woman next to you on the subway?
How can you make it your own?  Can that flavor inspire what you make for dinner?  Can that song guide you to paint a mural in your kids room?  Would that handbag fabric look great as a new dress that you can make?

Be inspired today.  Be you!

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