Thursday, February 2, 2012

Find Joy In .... The Little Details

About a year ago I made my first sculpted cake.  It was a Yoda cake for my friend's son.  And I had no idea what I was doing since I had never sculpted a cake before  I have to say I did a pretty decent job.  Actually, I totally loved his head but his body was a hot mess.

So after the Yoda attempt I thought I should really take a course in sculpting cakes.  Having never seen one offered anywhere, I thought I might be asking  for a lot.  But ask I did.  And guess what?  I immediately stumbled upon a cake sculpting class offered by my idol, Elisa Strauss.   So I registered right then and counted down the days like a child waiting for Christmas.

The class was just amazing.  I learned a ton about sculpting cakes.  But I learned something else.  I learned to pay attention to the little details.

Elisa Strauss amazed me and inspired me with her attention to detail.  I had never before thought to deconstruct an actual item into its individual parts and capture each detail of each part.  I had never before thought to replicate stitching on a garment or the shadow in an eye or the teeth in a zipper.  I had never before realized that it is the sum of these near-perfect details that make a cake so hard to believe it is a cake.

Every time I make a cake now, I stop to look at each part and make sure I have captured the very last detail.  It is truly amazing what happens when you are that mindful of your project.    (Thanks, Elisa!)

Is there something in your life that you can be just a little more mindful of?  Somewhere that you can observe each and every little detail instead of just the big picture?  I wonder what kind of difference it would make?


  1. Your cake came out great! So proud of you! Thanks for including me in your post.

    1. Thanks for including me in your class! I hope there will be another sometime soon .....