Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making Edible Butterflies

Now that it is unofficially spring here in New Jersey, the requests for butterflies are fluttering (hee, hee!) in.  Want to learn how to make them?

You will need wafer paper, food markers,
and piping gel.

First, print out some pictures of butterflies you like.  Be sure that they are the size you want.  Trace your butterflies onto the wafer paper using the black food marker.  

Color in your butterflies and allow to dry for a few hours.

Paint your butterflies with a thin coat of piping gel and allow to dry overnight.

Carefully cut out your butterflies.

Pinch you butterflies gently in half then place in an egg carton to hold their shape.

Add your butterflies to your cake or cupcakes before serving.  
I would not suggest putting the butterflies in the fridge because they tend to curl up.

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